The Biotechnix Fuel System is not just about using less fuel for the same distance travelled. It has both short term and long term benefits that accumulate over the months following installation:

  • Use less fuel - By increasing the burn ratio of the fuel to about 98%, it is a natural consequence that less fuel is used to produce the same amount of power.
  • Get more torque - The very first thing that drivers of all of our trial vehicles have commented on is that their vehicle seems to have more torque immediately.  The same drivers comment that because of the increase in torque they need less gear changes when driving through hilly terrain.
  • Reduce emissions - As well as comments by drivers about the reduction in the amount of smoke coming out of the exhaust, Biotechnix has commissioned before and after DT80 emissions tests that prove a significant reduction in smoke opacity of over 50%.
  • Cleaner engine - Trials of the system have proven a large reduction of the amount of carbon deposits in the lubrication system.  This means that the oil stays cleaner, longer and may result in longer oil changing intervals with less vehicle down time.
  • Non-Invasive - Fitting of the BFS is a simple clamping procedure.  The units open up so that they can then be closed around fuel lines without interfering with them. There is no requirement to break into lines or cables during the fitting process.
  • Risk free - We are so confident of the effectiveness of the Biotechnix Fuel System that any new customers until the completion of their initial project report.


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