Light Diesel Vehicle (Nissan Patrol) - Fuel Efficiency Project


  • To track the speed on improvement and the efficiency in which the BFS reduced the diesel fuel consumption of the Nissan 4.2Lt diesel engine.
  • To test the return to baseline fuel consumption once the BFS is removed from the test vehicle. 
  • Primary Data is based on third party fuel reports (which include odometer readings at each fill-up).


Biotechnix performed an installation of the non-invasive Biotechnix Diesel System (BDS) to the Nissan Patrol Utility on 26th August 2010.

The engine that has delivered a consistent pre trial fuel economy of 13.33lt/100km (7.5km per litre) or 600kms from a full 80 litre tank of diesel.

The vehicle travels around south-east Queensland in connection with the owner’s mobile diesel mechanical business.


  • Torque improvements reported by driver within 1 week of installation.
  • After 2 months and 4 tanks of fuel the BFS has reduced the fuel consumption by over 11.6% yielding 670kms per 80 litre tank of fuel.