Mack Granite 6x4 Day Cab - Fuel Efficiency Project


Biotechnix installed the Biotechnix Fuel System on this Mack truck on 29th September 2011.
The truck is powered by a Mack MP8, 6 cylinder diesel, 12.8 litre engine rated at 500hp.


  • To compare the improvement in diesel fuel consumption after installing the Biotechnix Fuel System with the 3 months prior to installing the Biotechnix Fuel System. 


  • After the Biotechnix Fuel System ‘bedded in’ (approx. 1 month) the fuel saving became evident. 
  • From this point onwards the monthly reduction fluctuated around the 11% mark sometimes reaching a peak of up to 13%. 
  • At the end of the project the overall fuel saving across the three months (30,383 kms) was 11%. This equates to 7,496 litres of fuel saved per year. 
  • Using a fuel cost of $1.45 per litre this translates into a projected saving of $10,869 per year or $21,738 over a 2 year period. 
  • Carbon emissions were reduced by 1.7 tonnes per month or approximately 20.5 tonnes per year.