Scania Prime Mover - Carbon Emissions Reduction & Oil Analysis


Biotechnix installed the Biotechnix Fuel System on this prime mover on 29th June 2010 immediately following a baseline DT-80 Emissions Test.
The truck is powered by a 16 Litre, Scania V8 diesel engine. It is used for interstate refrigerated produce delivery, hauling consistent loads of approximately 42 tonnes.


  • To track the rate of improvement in smoke opacity through DT-80 Emissions Testing.  
  • Data is based on Emissions Test Reports produced by the Brisbane City Council during testing at the City Fleet Depot, Acacia Ridge, Brisbane. 
  • To measure the reduction on carbon residue in the vehicles lubrication oil system.


Emissions Reduction

  • Baseline tests prior to fitting the BFS showed maximum smoke opacity of 77.22%.
  • After 3 months and 37,000km of travel with a BFS fitted, the maximum smoke opacity had dropped to an average of 31.03%.
  • Improvement in maximum smoke opacity by over 57% and an improvement of 38% in overall average smoke opacity.

Oil carbon reduction

  • Carbon deposit in centrifugal oil filter reduced by 68%.