Sea Shepherd M.V. Steve Irwin - Fuel Efficiency Project


The engineer of the M.V. Steve Irwin installed the Biotechnix Fuel System on this vessel’s engines in Hobart just prior to the vessel’s departure for the Southern Ocean on 2nd December 2010.

The vessel is powered by British Polar SF 112VS-F 2100bhp marine diesel engines. They operate on a single variable pitch propeller. 


  • To compare the improvement in diesel fuel consumption after installing the Biotechnix Fuel System. The effect of the BFS on reducing fuel consumption was able to be accurately measured on a return voyage to the Suez Canal.  


  • The return voyage from the Suez Canal used an average of 0.0212 metric tons of diesel per nautical mile. This is an efficiency saving of 8.93% on the original voyage. 
  • This was 14.6 metric tons of fuel saved on this voyage. Equating to a dollar saving of USD$14,480 and an emissions reduction of 46.9 tonnes of carbon emissions. 
  • The engineer also acknowledged the improvement 

“The fuel figures are a lot better … much better fuel efficiency”