Watch this short 2 minute video and see how the Biotecnix Fuel System works.


The Biotechnix Fuel System is an electronic device that produces a series of engineered frequencies which, when applied to the fuel line, changes the molecular structure of the fuel causing the fuel to combust faster and therefore more completely.

This is a new approach to improving engine efficiency; it is not an additive and is not magnetic. 













Each combustion cycle in an engine lasts for only a fraction of a second. Because the BFS reduces the time needed to combust the fuel, more of it burns prior to the fuel being expelled from the engine. This increases torque as more of the fuel is used to power the engine and less partially burned fuel is sent out the exhaust.



Because the engine is able to produce more power from the same amount of fuel, it can run at lower RPM to do the same work.  When the engine runs at lower RPM it uses less fuel and thus reduces fuel costs.



Reduced fuel consumption also means reduced carbon emissions. For example, if fuel consumption is reduced by 5% then there is a corresponding 5% reduction in carbon emissions. In real terms, a 5% saving for a typical truck equates to a fuel saving of about 500L per month. Which at 2.695kg of C02 per litre would give this this vehicle a reduced carbon footprint of 16.2 tonnes per year. In addition to the carbon emission reduction, DT-80 vehicle emissions testing has shown a reduction in smoke opacity (soot) of over 55%. 



The Biotechnix Fuel System is completely safe for your engine and will not void engine warranty as it is completely non-invasive and maintenance free. Installation is simple and typically takes no more than 30 minutes.