Diesel exhaust fumes have been classified by the WHO as carcinogenic having significant ramifications for industry and government

Wednesday 13 Jun 2012

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is a part of the World Health Organisation has upgraded its classification of diesel exhaust to Group 1 “Carcinogenic to Humans”. Scientific evidence was deemed sufficient by IARC-WHO that exposure to diesel exhaust is associated to an increased risk for lung cancer. The evidence included recent results of a large US National Cancer Institute/National Institute for Occupation Safety and Health study of occupational exposure to such emissions in underground miners.

This has significant ramifications for industries where employees and the community are exposed regularly to higher than usual levels of diesel exhaust. Further to this governments now have a valuable evidence-base on which to consider environmental standards for diesel exhaust emissions.

The Biotechnix Diesel System is a form of technology that can assist industry and governments to reduce the harmful particulates associated with diesel exhaust emissions. This is due to the lower level of exhaust emissions that are expelled from the engine.

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