The Biotechnix Fuel System reduces exhaust emissions on several fronts:

  • Reduced fuel consumption means reduced exhaust emissions.  For example if you reduce your fuel consumption by 6% then there is a corresponding 6% primary reduction in exhaust emissions. A typical saving for our customers of 500L of fuel per month on a single vehicle equates to a reduced carbon footprint of 16.2 tonnes per year per vehicle (@2.695kg of C02 per litre).
  • Accredited international scientific operational tests on the components of the BFS have recorded reductions in exhaust smoke opacity. 
  • Official DT80 emissions tests in Australia have proven that there are significant reductions in exhaust smoke opacity.

Australian tests have shown a reduction of over 54% in maximum smoke opacity and a 29% decrease in average smoke opacity for a heavy haulage vehicle after fitting the BFS.


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