What is the Biotechnix Fuel System?

The Biotechnix Fuel System, known as the BFS, has been developed for engines to improve fuel combustion and reduce pollution:
  • The BFS uses technology that has never been available anywhere in the world until now.
  • Engines used in trucks, mobile generators, earth moving machinery, drilling rigs, mining machinery, and more can all benefit from this technology.
  • The BFS emits specifically engineered frequencies causing the fuel to combust fractionally faster and therefore more completely.
  • A faster more complete fuel burn means the BFS can help reduce engine operating costs by providing significantly improved fuel economy, increased engine torque and reduced emissions.
  • Given that fuel costs are often in excess of 30% of the costs to most transport companies, a consistent fuel efficiency improvement of even a few percent translates into substantial cost savings and therefore increased profit margin for engine operators.

A Biotechnix Fuel System is the ultimate Business Partner. It is non-invasive and needs no maintenance throughout its working life. The BFS will continue to provide fuel and emissions savings while it is installed on your engine.

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